Nov 20, 2009

Romen, how could you be so delicious?!

Hi there everyone and hi to Marco =D!!!!

Thank you for your email on Romen recipe request Marco XD!
I am not sure how far you want to go for it so.... for this time, I would use instant noodle that you probably can get over there in Italy...... Do you have them over there?!?!?!

I think in Japan, we have so many instant noodle available.
Here above are some of me and my family's favorite kind.

From the left, that is my fav. "Miso-ramen" from Sapporo Ichiban corp. This company has been dedicated themselves to make so many noodles in the past and successfully noted for that noodles. * Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning, fermented soybean paste. Probably known as miso in some places overseas by now?

The middle one is "Umaka-cchan" from House foods corp, this one is tonkotsu (pig bone) based soup. This one is my Mom's favorite. I like it pretty much as well especially in winter time. The tonkotsu soup will warm your body up nicely :).

The right one is "Kin-chan ramen" from Nisshin foods corp. So as Sapporo Ichiban, this company is also really famous for the noodles. This is my brother's fav :). My Dad.... he eats anything XD. So he will be happy with any of these.

So now, how to make ne?
With these instant noodles aka ra-men, wonderful powder soup will come with it. The soup is pretty good so I think we do not have to make our own soup spending hours (and it might end up with bad soup). Well if you want to go for it Marco, I will explain on it with other blog ne ;). Do ask me :D.

OK, maybe there will be 3 points.
1) How to boil the noodle.
2) How to make the soup (this is so easy with the powder soup come with it).
3) Choose the toppings.

Since the noodle will be done in 2-3 minutes, let's decide what you want for the topping.
Oh found some interesting page on Internet, the ranking of my favorite ra-men toppings.

Those who would like to try reading in Japanese go jump the link page ;)!!
No.1: Cha-shu- (roast pork)
No.2: Menma (Chinese bamboo shoots that have been dried, soaked in water and then seasoned for use in cooking)
No.3: Aonegi (green onion, chopped to small pieces)
No.4: Nitamago (boiled sweeten egg) ----- I LOVE THIS!!!!! I do not make this at home though :p
No.5: Moyashi (bean sprouts)

Hummmm this is getting pretty long, isn't it? and probably I have not come close to what you really want to know Marco. Those toppings are something we choose at the ra-men shops, we have different line-up of toppings at home. Since some of them are pretty time consuming.....

Erm... let me come back on this a bit later!!!! Chotto mattete-------- m(. .)m

Oct 15, 2009

You you you you!

It has been long time since I wrote on this blog last time.

Today, I had a question on Japanese from my deary friend, Lucas. Hi Lucas =D!!

Question was on you in Japanese. I believe in English, there are not too many ways to say "you". Is that right??

What I think of is... just you.......

Anyways, Lucas's question was what how to use "omae" and "anata". His knowledge on those 2 words was like this "I have read that anata is used between close lovers, but I have also read it is used between businessmen."

OK. Let's explain what I think... what I know :p.

Now let's start with "you" expression we have in Japanese.

We have

1) Anata

2) Kimi

3) Omae

4) Anta (this one came from "Anata" I believe)

and there are several more like "Ondore" "Odore" "Ondorya" lol, those are something that you would not want to use for your friends or whatever, only when you try to get ready for fight or something XD. Just for your info :p.

In Japanese, we tend to omit subject like "I " and "you" in conversation unlike English. If you want to ask "What would you like to drink?" then we would say "nani ga nomitai?"

In this phrase, "nani" = what, "nomitai" = want to drink, "ga" = something that comes after subject in Japanese. So there are no "you" part in Japanese.

Anyways.... so go back to 1) Anata 2) Kimi 3) Omae 4) Anta.

Anata, would be used for

1) someone close lover, like wife to her husband

2) someone you do not know much, like someone you just met (it is a bit weird concidering 1) isn't it?)

3) between business man (this can count as (2) too I think)

Overall, Anata is an expression pretty polite.

Kimi, would be used for

1) someone at the same age or younger, we do not use this for elder people

Omae, would be used for

1) among men, this sounds a bit rough or macho. Some girls use this (I do too sometimes) but it does sound like she is not very feminine (^^;.

2) someone younger than you. But this also sounds like you are a bit bossy I think.

Anta, would be used for

hummmm a bit hard to explain... this sounds a bit casual or rough.

So, "anata" would be the most approprite in any occasion I think.

Hummmm would this be good enough?? Maybe not. If you ask me more, then I will try to answer further ne ;)!!


Sep 20, 2009

Silver week?

Starting from Sep 19th yesterday to Sep 23rd we are having a holiday named "Silver week".

This holiday has just started this year (^^;. We have a holiday called Golden week in April to May. Starting sometime around 29th April (Green day, former emperor Showa's birthday. It became "Green day" to dedicate his work in planting etc) and end on 5th May (children day in Japan).

I think "Silver week" coupling with "Golden week" seems pretty easy naming though... what do you think?!?!?

This is what character "Silver week" is looked like in Japanese lol. Different from English eh XD?!

Sep 10, 2009

Berryz Kobo CDs and Sumo goods

Today is the post for my store items.
I have uploaded some of Berryz Kobo, Perfume, Gackt and limited edition CDs of V6 (Johnny's entertainment) today.

Please come and check out my eBay store!!

For Berryz and Hello! Project items go to the category Hello! Project.
For Johnny's, go to the category Johnnys. J-rock here and Tableware here!!
Thank you~~~~ =D!

Sep 1, 2009

Politics and a party!

Last Sunday August 30th was a general election day in Japan.
I went to the election hall around 4 pm to vote and come home to sleep :p (I was really sleepy on Sunday).

The vote started to count after 8 closing of the palling places. Minshu tou (Democratic Party), the opposition party overwhelmed the ruling party, Jimin tou aka Jiyu-minshu tou (Liberal Democratic Party) (@_@)!!!
Probably pretty different from some other countries, Jimin tou has been ruled Japanese politics for more than 50 years since November 1955 except during 1993 to 1994. That was the only time Jimin tou became opposition party. So it looks like a big change.
I mean I was pretty tired of seeing Jimin changing its leader for many times and seems to become the prime minister was the most important consideration for some of the politicians so I guess it is good :). I cannot say I know much about politics, and I do not feel like change of the leading party will do much different however, I think it is good to have leading party changed then who would be the leader in the leading party would be less consideration..... hopefully.

So the man at the top will be our new leader. His name is Yukio Hatoyama. Yoroshikune (hello :p)!

OK, now about a party! Not about the political one but usual fun party yay~~~~!!!!!
So the reason I was tired on Sunday was because I went to a river with 8 of my friends on Saturday to swim and do a BBQ =D!
We met up at Hiroshima station at 11:00 and started out a bit past 11:00 for Jagui river. My friends and I have been going to that river park called "Play park Jagui" past 3 years.
We are really fond of that palce. There are grill that we can do BBQ, the river with different depth. Some place really shallow that small kids can play (even though we do not bring any kids lol). We can catch fish at the sallow part. Also at the deep parts, we can swim, we can jump in from the rocks side of the river. It is really nice.

The ordinary driving course from Hiroshima station is to get on a high way to Otake inter change (I think... I mean I forgot :p) and get off there and stop by at a super market named "YumeTown" to get some rice, snacks and drinks =D.

The main event this year was JUMPING OFF FROM A BRIDGE!!!

The bridge, you can see it in the picture of the right. It was about 7 m high!
I usually afraid of height but not on the Saturday haha! On the left picture at the red arrow you can see the splash I made. I was just got into the river from the bridge and was in the water =D. One of my friends took it with her cell phone camera (thank you Eri-chan (^3^))!!
On the right was my second trial with my friend Miki, I am the one in the red and Miki is in the yellow =D. We were standing out of the bridge guardrail kind of thing, about to jump.
This year, there were a lot of people at the bridge trying to jump and jump actually. Last year, we were just watching some people doing that and called them fool...... but this year, we became one of them and it was lot of fun lol lol lol.

Even after 2 days, my butt hearts probably from jumping into the water from the bridge :p. Other girls were saying that their butt heart from the impact of getting into the water.... haha. But we were pretty happy also with the pain :D :D :D :D!!

We will go there next year!!

Aug 23, 2009

First band meeting

Since my former band "chao" was ended due to Say-kun's business, Yossy the bass and vocal girl and I thought we could do something new. Yossy invited her co-worker Aki-chan and I invited Naoki, my first band guiterist ("chao" was my second band). 4 of us got together for the first time.

We just jamed for an hour. Since Aki-chan (she will be the vocalist) liked the song "I can do better" by Avril Lavigne. We tried to play that one. After an hour jamed, we went to an icecream shop "Häagen-Dazs" and ate icecream and chat what we would like to do.

Naoki picked out a song of "Maiagaru" by Onmyoza (this is one of his fav bands). Since everybody will be busy for a while, the next practice will be on 19th Sep :).

Aug 18, 2009

Finally it arrived

Goodness! I finally got my substitute PC (>_<)! Waited to long!!!
My PC was nearly dead I think 2 days ago. I only successfully started it up twice that day and even that time it shut down a bit after it started up.....

Got my PC yesterday yay!! Will sending my old one to the person who will fix her for me tomorrow.